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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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at sfo. lawrence has been tracking the storm for days now. >> you guys almost don't want to talk to me. >> no. [ laughter ] >> yeah. we do have showers showing up around the bay area continuing outside. it's going to be another soggy day. showers showing up onshore. pockets of moderate rainfall near point reyes also into the central bay. we have seen good showers and the parts of the east bay into oakland. rainfall in berkeley will continue off and off throughout the day. more wet weather continuing temperatures into the 50s winds not as gusty although we have seen some gusts over 20 miles per hour. on the big picture we have the storms lining up here so once we get done with this one we have more to come. in fact, they are lining up all the way in through the weekend now. so expect the rainfall to continue on and off for the next five to seven days. 50s and 60s expected into the afternoon. kind of a mild day. but still plenty of rain. we are going to anne makovec,
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who is live out in oakland where they have seen some damage out there this morning. >> reporter: that's right. and the rain is still coming down. i'm here at the coolish on-ramp to eastbound 580. a large tree fell across the roadway. the good news is that they have been able to open one lane so you can get on 580 here at coolidge but check out this video from about an hour ago. a tree blocked lanes. they are in the process of removing it from the left lane. the chp has been out here as well to make sure that traffic is able to run smoothly around this incident. they think the whole on-ramp should be reopened by about maybe 5:15 possibly around 5:30. now, there is a high wind advisory out right now for the bay bridge and the richmond/san
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rafael bridge. taking a look at some of the rain that we have seen falling here for the past more than 24 hours. video from san anselmo. a lot of rain in the north bay. you can see a lot of road hazards in marin county right now. the danger of hydroplaning. as we were driving around this morning on 80 and 580, we almost hydroplaned a couple of times. there's lot of water right now on the road. the wet roads could be responsible for a deadly crash in concord yesterday. at least one person died when a van flew off of the on-ramp to 680. it went down an embankment, hit a light pole and landed near the willows shopping center parking lot. so obviously, we don't want to see a lot of that going on today. but there is that danger out there on the road. again here at the on-ramp coolidge to 580, they are still working to get this tree out of here. we will let you know when they
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do have it cleared. in the meantime, let's go live right now to cate caugiran who is at sfo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. things look nicer here at sfo. we are only experiencing light showers. the airport isn't reporting any major delays at this point. but as anne already pointed out, it's already affecting your morning commute. mother nature is not done with the bay area just yet. as anne mentioned, high wind advisories are listed for the bay, richmond/san rafael bridges. as these storms continue to make their way through our area, chp is advising morning commuters to take it a little bit easier this morning especially in marin county, roads there very, very slick. and this isn't end of it. more rain as lauren said lawrence said this afternoon. >> poor visibility, you know, being fairly careful that i can see what's going on. the back window doesn't have a little windshield wiper and
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that's a problem. >> it looked like sheets of rain and it was windy. >> not fun because we had to stay in all day. >> reporter: unfortunately for peter klein, it's looking like it's another one of those days. this morning if you're traveling by air we just checked in with san francisco airport. right now they are only reporting about a 15-minute delay. but that could change. last night it was an entirely different story. air travelers had to wait up to three hours before being able to get on the planes so this morning, again, if you are traveling by road, chp is advising you go a little slower, take a little extra time because as anne pointed out there could be some unexpected conditions that will happen on that morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. we can't be on air all the time but we are tracking the weather online all the time. we have our live hi-def interactive radar always at your fingertips. just go to and how about your traffic? we heard from anne. a little hydroplaning. it's a mess out there, right,
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liz? >> it is. it can be scary on these morning commutes when there's so much standing water in the bay bridge in the middle lanes where it tends to flood. so far we haven't seen too many accidents major ones but we did center some wind advisories in effect as a couple of our reporters mentioned, just two right now, one for the bay bridge and one for the richmond/san rafael bridge the traffic nice and light right now approach the pay gates. we are seeing a little bit of slowing on our sensors southbound 101 by candlestick. there is an accident reported in the area. we have a camera farther south of the accident where it's a little difficult to see traffic because of the rain. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, oakland police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. it happened around 8:45 last
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night near 90th avenue and birch street. police were responding to reports of a man with a shotgun and at some point, officers opened fire and shot the man. he was taken to highland hospital where he is listed in stable condition. no officers though were injured in this incident. southbound 101 has reopened after a fatal pedestrian crash in san mateo. chp says, around 12:30 this morning, one or two cars struck and killed a pedestrian just south of poplar avenue. all southbound lanes were closed while authorities investigated. no other injuries. a strong earthquake prompted evacuations in northern japan overnight. there are no injuries or damage reported in connection with the 6.8 magnitude quake. several towns issued evacuation orders ahead of a possible tsunami. no tsunami warnings have been issued for the united states west coast. last night's quake hit one area that was affected by last year's 9.0 magnitude earthquake
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and tsunami. an afghan intelligence officer is dead after a bomb exploded today in southern afghanistan. investigators say that the bomb was hidden in a motorcycle in kandahar. it was just 600 yards away from a meeting where a delegation was investigating the murders of 16 civilians. a u.s. soldier remains in custody suspected of sunday's shooting spree. and there is reportedly surveillance video which shows that u.s. soldier walking up to his base and surrendering. the video hasn't been made public according to an afghan official who spoke with the ap. he said though that u.s. authorities showed that video it afghan investigators to prove that only one perpetrate wares involved in the shootings. some victims' relatives suggested at least two u.s. soldiers were involved. the u.s. is still trying to determine where to hold legal proceedings for the 38-year-old staff sergeant. 5:07. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi facing an uphill
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battle to win support to keep his job. in a poll, 61% of san franciscans who were following his domestic violence case want mirkarimi to resign. less than a third want him to stay in office. the mayor ed lee says he will consider public opinion as he decides what to do about the sheriff, who has pleaded guilty of course to false imprisonment this week. the mayor can suspend mirkarimi for official misconduct but it would take an ethics committee recommendation and the vote of nine supervisors to fire the sheriff. no decision is expected before mirkarimi's sentencing which is coming up on monday. coming up, behave badly at the game you get banned. >> the push to blacklist fans who cause trouble at sporting games. >> reporter: rick santorum pulls off major wins in the race for the gop nomination. i'm duarte geraldino with that story coming up. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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violence at sports games. py nice or stay out. e bill proposed state lawmakers are tackling fan violence at sports games, play nice or stay out. the bill proposed in the state assembly calls for the nation's first sports ban list. unruly fans will be blocked from going to professional games anywhere in california for up to five years. there are loopholes however. a convict could skirt the law by having a friend buy his ticket. and a sheriff's spokesman admits enforcement could be a problem. >> how do people know who committed a crime in san diego and is now up at the oakland raider game? >> the proposal would not apply to college or minor league games. richmond police are looking for an older model black crown victoria in connection with a road rage shooting. a man who admits accidentally cutting that car off monday night says the irate driver followed him off interstate 80.
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the suspect car eventually drove past the victim, turned around and then opened fire. an 8-year-old boy was shot. the child is expected to recover. an armed robbery in vacaville may be connected to similar crimes in sacramento and southern california. officers say this man held up a bank of the west branch on monday. he wore a black skis mask and tactical vest with the word sheriff as you can see on his back there. investigators say monday's robbery is similar to crimes in sacramento and in chino. police say the suspect in chino opened fire on an officer, as well. 5:12 now. coming up next, a life-saving use for a cell phone. what health professionals have discovered. >> and a big sweep in the south. rick santorum gaining momentum. what has to change for the front-runner coming up in a live report. stay with us. >> lots of rain in the bay area, plenty of snow in the high country. we are just beginning to add up some of these totals as you plan to head up there this weekend. bring chains. we are expecting snow in the high country into kirkwood. they have a few inches on the ground. still more to come of the as
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you make your way into squaw valley couple of inches to come. snow likely this weekend. winter storm warnings continuing today until 11:00 but this weekend it may be extended as we have more snow on the way. we'll have more on your local weather coming up. ,,,, [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room...
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northern japan. the first qe sparked a tsunami warning in that area.... but no warnins in that area.... breaking news. there was an earthquake last night in tokyo. a 6.8 quake. that's been followed by an aftershock and this is not a small one, another 6.8 earthquake. this one was very close to the tokyo area. >> we are just getting in information as we speak. we know that the one from last night they had to evacuate some towns and just in case, no tsunami warnings have been issued here for the us west coast but we are following this story very closely. >> we'll have more as soon as we get more information on that. in politics the race for the republican presidential nomination has taken some twists and turns. rick santorum pulled off a surprise in the south with close wins in alabama and mississippi. tis a disappointment for -- it is a disappointment for newt gingrich who was counting on winning in the state. he finished second in both and
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mitt romney in third. duarte geraldino has more. here we go again. newt isn't dropping out. no one is showing love to mitt romney. there is santorum saying we did it again, right? >> reporter: santorum is saying now he has momentum and could clinch the nomination. but when you look at the numbers, it still suggests that romney is in the lead. now, many folks in the santorum camp believe that if gingrich were to drop out santorum would get those votes. if you look at the research and depending on whose you look at, a survey of likely voters in alabama and mississippi showed that of those tea party voters they are split between santorum and gingrich. gingrich's camp on the other hand says that were he to drop out, then romney, not santorum, would get voters that would normally align themselves with gingrich. for them, social issues are most important. >> at this point, you know,
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clearly it's not working for mitt romney in the south. he is really struggling. do you think he is going to change his campaign strategy at all. >> reporter: you know, mitt romney has the delegate map on his side. he has the highest number of delegates. and for him he is going to be trying to focus more on those conservative voters that are a huge bloc in the republican party but when you speak it his strategists, they all say in unison, look at the numbers. we are in the lead. >> and it was proportional, too. it wasn't winner-take-all. mitt did very well. he was just percentage points off in both states. so he went away with quite a few delegates as well, right? >> that's right. his strategy seems to be to collect as many delegates as possible and then once we get to the ultimate competition in tampa, then we'll see if he actually wins. >> perception is reality. people are saying how can you not win a state? >> exactly. exactly. >> duarte geraldino, live for us in washington, d.c., thank
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you very much. well, weather-wise, it's a lot of rain and more rain, right? >> lots of rain. some of the mountaintops about five inches of rain in the past 4 hours. still more to come. it's coming down now if you are heading out the door, a little lighter than yesterday. hi-def doppler picking up on some good moisture out there and you have pockets of moderates amount of rainfall moving in near point reyes. that will be the case on and off throughout the day today. more rain continuing. moderate amounts of rain sliding into the oakland hills toward orinda and walnut creek. winds not like yesterday when we had gusts of 40 miles per hour. temperatures in the 50s right now. toward the afternoon, 50s and 60s. showers continuing. a couple of break in the clouds but not much. on and off for the better part of the day today. nice looking system sliding through now bringing not only rain here but plenty of snow in the sierra nevada. winter storm warnings there until 11 a.m. although they may have to be extended. but this just another in a line
5:20 am
of storms that are sitting off the coastline and going to be pushing onshore over the next few days so it looks like we are going to stay pretty wet in through the weekend. computer models picking up on the rainfall showing it to be a little more showery around the bay area for today. it will be on and off toward tomorrow, as well. so yeah, we have more storms coming our way, as well. numbers in the 50s and 60s by the afternoon. looking out over the next couple of days, we have some rain today. some more showers on thursday and on friday. and then it looks like the possibility of some thunderstorms as we get in towards saturday. low snow levels down to 2,000 feet or so. showers continuing into sunday and monday. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. and let's take you out live. we sent our photographer down to san jose to check the road conditions by the trimble exit. it doesn't actually look too bad across the stretch. we are getting numerous new accidents just coming in. kind of too much to mention them all. but, of course, be extra careful out there. there's always the risk of hydroplaning as the morning
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commute gets under way. live look at the nimitz by the coliseum flooding reports by the way where we usually see it towards downtown oakland on 880 so watch out for that. we also have wind advisories in effect for many of our bridges or at least two of them so far this morning. we know that could change. so far they are in effect at the bay bridge and at the richmond/san rafael bridge, as well. by the way, if you are coming off of the upper deck on the skyway westbound 80 then we are getting word of an accident there. again it's just one of many accidents we are seeing as well as some flooding reports in 101 and 280 in portions of san francisco just some minor standing water but it is causing some problems including this one southbound 101 sounds like this one closer towards candlestick park. they temporarily had to block all lanes so they could clear it. it looks like just within the last minute or two they were able to open some of the main lines. freeway but now the candlestick off-ramp is shut down. we have a couple of wind advisories in effect one for the bay bridge and one for the
5:22 am
richmond/san rafael bridge. so we'll let you know if we have any further problems. back to the desk. >> thank you. let's go back to our breaking news. we have just learned some new information about a second earthquake that has struck in japan. the first one happened last night. it was a 6.8. that was in northern japan. that was in the area that was struck by the massive quake last year. >> a tsunami warning was issued not here on the west coast but off the coast of japan there. another one has just hit in the tokyo area. at first it was in the 5 region. now it's upgraded to 6.1 around the tokyo area. so far no word on damage or injuries. but very serious situation going on right now over in tokyo and japan area especially after what happened almost a year to the day. >> i know. psychologically must be very difficult because these are not weak earthquakes again a 6.8 last night and just a few minutes ago
5:23 am
a 6.1 in the tokyo area. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. restore power in downtown bn after a massive transformer fire. the blaze broke out lt crews are working to restore power in downtown boston after a massive transformer fire. the blaze broke out last night next to a hilton hotel in the back bay neighborhood. it sent smoke billowing into
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the air. more than 20,000 people were left in the dark. it is 5:25. health professionals have found a potentially lifesaver using cell phones. text messaging can be made to remind millions of hiv patients to take their medicine. many of the patients don't take the medicines because of the strong side effects which can lower the effectiveness and actually sometimes lead to death. we have doctors versus hot dogs a battle being carried out on a billboard in chicago. a physicians group says illinois has the nation's sixth highest rate of colorectal cancer because people are eating too much processed meats so they are putting up an antihot dog billboard that's drawing criticism because of signs like that. >> quite a sign. that will catch their attention. >> sure it will. >> eat salad. [ laughter ] coming up, it could be a solution to snoring spouse.
5:27 am
a sneak peek at california's first-ever snore room. >> and a high-speed chase with some precious cargo on board. how a mom tried to escape the police with a toddler inside that truck. >> reporter: crews are work hard right now to remove a large tree that fell across a highway on-ramp. more fallout from our wet weather. we have a live report coming up. ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] no success is overnight. ♪ it's about working harder. ♪ and smarter. ♪ it's the culmination of a million decisions. it's where you see yourself going and how you choose to get there. the all-new 2013 gs. our boldest response ever.
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the radar, showing what's lt
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of round one of this seriesf storms.. and round two is on the way. good morning. it's another soggy commute. round one of a series of storms. round 2 on its way. good morning, it is wednesday, wet wednesday, march 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. break out your umbrellas. we are going to get you all the details of the storm in just a moment. two quakes in japan, one off the coast of tokyo the second one about an hour ago. the 6.8 shocked the northern coast last night. right now there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries from the second quake. the earlier tremor did cause a small swelling of water on the northern coast of a region that was hit by last year's massive earthquake and tsunami. we'll have much more later in
5:31 am
the show. >> an overnight storm is flooding roads in the bay area. winds are knocking down a big tree in oakland. >> anne makovec shows us where drivers are making their way and the storm damage. she joins us from oakland. >> reporter: you might be able to hear the sound of a big wood chipper here behind me. i'm at the coolidge on-ramp to eastbound 580. they are hard at work right now chopping up a tree that had fallen across this on-ramp. it was about 60 to 70 feet high. here's some earlier video when they were blocking lanes. they have since been able to open one of the lanes. so the on-ramp is open now but not fully open. they expect to have this all cleaned up by about 5:0. that's not yet completed. show, you know, the concern obviously when -- so, you know, the concern obviously when you have wet ground and this rain falling down continuously as it has been for
5:32 am
the past 24 hours, add in wind and that's where you have issues like this. there is a high wind advisory right now in effect for the bay bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. this is a look at some of the rain video that we shot over the past 24 hours. a lot of it has been falling and there definitely is a danger of hydroplaning. we saw that happening over to 580 on 80 and 580. a lot of pooling in the roads. so road hazards all over the bay area and in particular, marin county. we have heard a lot of reports of risks of hydroplaning and small flooding in the roadway. back out here live now, 580, oakland, eastbound 580 the coolidge on-ramp. you can see again caltrans hard at work and anytime a car comes past crews are telling everybody to slow down! do an old slow down hand wave. the conditions are dangerous
5:33 am
around here. for more on our weather forecast, let's check in with lawrence karnow. good morning. >> good morning, anne. yeah. still very soggy around the bay area today. we are seeing the showers continuing this morning although it doesn't look like it's been as heavy as what we had over the past 24 hours. still, we have more rain come our way on and off throughout the day today. hi-def doppler showing you the showers outside right now. you can see pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall into parts of the north bay right now and some of that scheiding in toward the central bay as well. we are seeing moderate amounts of rainfall across the bay bridge this morning. it's very wet and slick there early on. and it will be that way all day long as we are going to continue to see the showers. the golden gate looking very wet as well. the temperatures not all that bad. we have mainly 50s outside, cloudy skies with the rain as we head in toward the afternoon, expecting more rainfall out there. as the series of storms continues lined up in the pacific, once we get done with this one we have another one on the way and then another one behind that and probably another one even colder for the weekend. temperatures expected to be in the 50s and 60s. the next couple of days, we are going to keep the weather unsettled and wet. looks like another storm
5:34 am
rolling in for thursday and friday. the weekend maybe even some thunderstorms. let's check your roads with elizabeth. >> yeah. so sounds like we are in for it for the bulk of this morning commute. we have seen incidents on the road more than a dozen accidents. a lot of them are being cleared quickly. the biggest issue now is hydroplaning and all the standing water. they are doing the lane change right now. we haven't seen any issues so far across the deck. no wind advisory in effect for that bridge. obviously some gusty conditions though we can always see it on the 880 camera past the coliseum. there are wind advisories in effect here at the bay bridge. there's also one for the richmond/san rafael bridge. they always see standing water usually right there approaching the pay gates in those middle fastrak lanes. so far no delay. off the skyway an accident near the 9th street off-ramp is cleared. they are working to clear an accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge. so too many different incidents
5:35 am
to mention. but obviously, chp is very bus this morning. here's the richmond/san rafael bridge commute. hard to make out the headlight this morning but they are heading into marin just there past san quentin. mass transit is a great option and we have been checking in with bart. everything is on time. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, oakland police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. it happened around 8457 last night near 90th avenue and birch street. police are responding to reports of a man with a shotgun. at some point officers opened fire and shot the man. he is listed in stable condition at highland hospital. no officers were injured in the case. southbound 101 reopened after a fatal pedestrian crash in san mateo. chp says around 12:30 this morning, one or two cars struck and killed a pedestrian. this was just south of poplar avenue. all southbound lanes were closed while authorities investigated.
5:36 am
no reports of other injuries. 5:35 now. an afghan intelligence official is dead. -- officer, actually, after a bomb exploded in southern afghanistan. investigators say the bomb was hidden in a motorcycle in kandahar 600 yards away from a meeting where a delegation was investigating a murder of 16 civilians. a u.s. soldier is in custody suspect of the shooting spree. there is reportedly surveillance video which shows that u.s. soldiers actually walking up to his base raising his arms in surrender. that video hasn't been made public according to an afghan official who spoke with the "associated press." he said u.s. authorities showed the video to afghan investigators to prove only one perpetrator was involved in the shootings. some relatives of the victims suggested at least two u.s. soldiers were involved. the united states is still trying to determine where to hold legal proceedings for the 38-year-old staff sergeant. defense secretary leon panetta is in afghanistan right now on an unannounced visit.
5:37 am
this is video of him at a stop earlier at occur sack stan. he told afghan officials it won't deter the united states from carrying out its visit in afghanistan. the visit was planned months ahe do. rick santorum won the republican presidential primaries in two key southern states beating newt gingrich by 2% in mississippi with mitt romney in third. they finished in the same order in alabama where santorum had a 6-point margin. ron paul finished way behind but he didn't actively campaign in either state. these are big wins for santorum. the latest polls going into yesterday showed him finishing third in close three-way races in both of those states. gingrich is showing no signs of quitting. santorum spoke about one or one race between him and romney
5:38 am
before supporters in louisiana. mitt romney won yesterday's caucuses in hawaii and in american samoa. political analyst joe tuman will join us here at 6:45 to discuss santorum's sweep and what this means for the rest of the race. san franciscans want sheriff ross mirkarimi to step down. an exclusive cbs 5 poll finds a solid majority 61% would like to see mirkarimi resign. less than a third want him to stay in office. if he doesn't step down, more than half want city leaders to take matters into their own hands and force him out. mayor ed lee said he will consider public opinion as he decides what to do about the sheriff, who has pleaded guilty to false imprisonment this week. the mayor can suspend mirkarimi for official misconduct. but it would take an ethics committee's recommendation and the votes of nine supervisors to fire the sheriff. >> reporter: would it be easier
5:39 am
if he just resign, take the spectacle away from all of this? >> well again, that's something -- up to him. i do think now we have a different situation here with this plea of guilty for false imprisonment. >> the mayor is expected to decide on whether to suspend mirkarimi after mirkarimi is sentenced next monday. mirkarimi has insisted he will not resign. 5:39 now. and an 8-year-old boy is recovering from a road rage shooting. it all started on interstate 80 in the east bay around 10:30 on monday night. a man says he accidentally cut off another driver when they got off at the hilltop drive exit. he said the other driver followed the family and opened fire on the car hitting the child. police are looking for an older model black crown victoria for this case. there was a toddler in a truck involved in a high-speed chase down at l.a. l.a. police say at the gave chase when a suspected drunk driver took off. you can see what they did to stop him of the the pursuit finally ended as they rammed the truck after the driver and woman in the truck surrendered,
5:40 am
police found the toddler inside strapped in a car seat. nobody was hurt. a san jose man named his new puppy in honor of the dog who saved his life from a gang attack. san jose police say shadow a yorkshire terrier died while trying to protect his owner from suspected gang members last month. three teens have been arrested in connection with the attack. 32-year-old dog owner says he still is coping with the loss of his best friend. he anded up with the puppy brother of shadow just days after the attack. they shared the same name until recently when the owner decided to call him chubba. >> sad. it is 5:40 now. the plan to build a 49ers stadium in santa clara is getting even higher. price wise. >> plus if you behave badly you could be banned. blacklisting fans who cause trouble at pro games. >> snow plows working overtime in the sierra. a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
play nice or stay out. that's the message from state lawmakers on fan violence. the bill proposed and the state assembly calls for the nation's first sports ban list. unruly fans will be blocked from going to pro games anywhere in california for up to five years. but there are a couple of loopholes here. a convict could skirt the law by having a friend buy his ticket and a sheriff's spokesman admits enforcement could be a big problem. >> how do people know if a fan committed a crime in san diego and is up in oakland? >> it wouldn't apply to college or minor leagues. >> guess what the price tag for the new 49ers stadium in santa clara is going up to $1.2 billion. the santa clara city council
5:44 am
voted 6-1 last night to approve the financing deal despite the added estimated cost. the "chronicle" reports that construction will be the biggest expense at just over $1 billion. some design changes and technology improvements have increased the overall costs. the team will split the bill. back to our storm coverage. when it's raining here we know up in the sierra that means fresh powder. >> lots of snow. kristin marshall joins us from placer county where they are seeing some flurries. take it away. >> , frank and grace, it is cold out here and wet. we are not dealing with windy conditions. but take a look at this. it's that wet snow and it's making a little bit hard to get traction on the roads. we have changed to a rain-snow mix around the nyack 6,000-foot mark. that's where chains will be up this morning. no serious accidents so far. caltrans and chp have been working hard to get the roads
5:45 am
clear for us. unfortunately, a little hard to keep up with the storm as it keeps changing between snow and rain mix out here. truckers are waiting conditions around the scales as well as nyack. pull off as far right to the road as possible. keep an eye on those gas tanks this morning, too. if you are heading up the hills, things are expensive about $4.53 here at the valero in cisco grove and if they have to shut the highway down at some point this morning or this afternoon because of the conditions, want to be able to keep those cars running and stay warm so don't want to have to run out of gas or any of that wiper fluid. keep an eye on that, as well. right now we're accident free. keep the speeds down to 30 miles an hour. >> thank you, kristin marshall. >> soup weather. >> cup of coffee. going out? >> no! [ laughter ] >> what friends they are. if you are heading out the door, it is another wet day
5:46 am
indeed. showers continuing a soggy day again as you head around the bay area. it looks like it is going to stay that way the better part of the day. so yeah, if you have some plans, make sure you're planning on a wet day outside. some heavier amounts of rainfall showing up in parts of the north bay near novato, petaluma. we have some good showers moving in your direction. that will be moving in over the next few minutes or so. so it is going to continue on and off for the better part of the day if you are heading out. we are looking at mainly just some light to moderate amounts of rainfall so far. gusty winds not as bad as yesterday although still gusting over 20 miles per hour. by the afternoon, we are looking at more clouds and guess what, more rain too. so it is going to be a soggy day outside. cold front moving through the bay area right now. a lot of that energy moving up to the sierra nevada. you have seen the snow and they have some winter storm warnings up there again continuing until at least 11:00 today. behind the system, we have more lining up so we are not done with the rainfall just yet. the jet stream still sagging to the south. that's opened the door a series of storms to move in over the next few days probably right in through the weekend. showers likely to continue
5:47 am
throughout the day today. computer models picking up on it pretty well tapering off toward tomorrow. but you get the idea that very moist flow continuing off the pacific into the bay area. we are going to continue with more rainfall. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. by the way, i should mention, we have some delays at sfo now almost a three-hour delay again so if you are planning on arrivals, they will be late. more rain friday with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. showers through monday. if you would like to look at our doppler radar go to for more. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. showing off the old doppler. let's take out live to san jose. we sent our photographer out to 101 right in near the trimble exit and it actually doesn't look as bad across in stretch. cars moving up to speed this morning heading out of san jose and up towards santa clara. it's been a different story in the east bay. we are seeing numerous
5:48 am
accidents in fact overall the chp says the number of incidents doubled in the last half hour. let's go live towards 880 in oakland. this is a live look right there by the coliseum. you can see it's windy out there, as well. we were getting some flooding reports actually on 880 in oakland as well as coming down the eastshore freeway. westbound 80 we had an accident in berkeley closer towards the gilman exit. so winds slick conditions that's what you're faced with the start of our morning commute. there is a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. there's also one in effect for the richmond/san rafael bridge. backups not too bad so far at the bay bridge but, of course, whenever it's slick and rainy and windy like this we usually see worse-than-usual backups at the bay bridge so plan accordingly. numerous flooding reports as well especially on 101 portions near cesar chavez 280 in san francisco. usually where we see it across that stretch. and more flooding this time up in napa. they have had to close a stretch of highway 12 from napa road towards fremont drive so in the meantime until they
5:49 am
clear that situation, highway 116 to highway 121 is a good alternate. and, of course, as you just saw, there are chain requirements if you are heading up towards the sierra. you may want to wait but if you are planning a trip up there you of course need chains on interstate 80, 50 and 88. there's actually a live look near applegate and mass transit we love to talk about this is all of us a good option. stay off the roads and use mass transit instead and everything is actually on time for all bart trains systemwide no delay. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> it's 5:49 now. asian markets are up this morning after wall street had its strongest day of the year. [ bell ] >> how about the dow? it went up 220 points nearly yesterday and the nasdaq closed above 3,000 for the first time since the year 2000. analysts credit strong retail sales and good report on the financial health of some of the nation's biggest banks. good news. >> all your tech gurus who want
5:50 am
the new ipad on friday you won't get the most bang for the buck. that's because the gadgets are not going to be equipped with a liquid crystal display panel from sharp. the company planned to start delivering the panels to apple in december but it faced setbacks to customize them to meet u.s. requirements. so take note. a 244-year run is ending at the encyclopaedia britannica. the company will stop publishing its book version to concentrate on the digital encyclopedia and education tools. the first encyclopaedia britannica was published in scotland back in 1768. the company says it continuously updates its online edition while printed versions are outdated immediately. and it makes sense but it is a little sad. >> it is. kind of like the yellow pages which are still around but, you know, if you need something, go online. a massive blackout in boston. the fire that plunged the city into darkness. >> get that extra shut-eye without annoying your spouse.
5:51 am
an unusual thing here. a look at california's first- ever snore room. when we come back. eryday, your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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chase freedom is offering 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. wow, thanks! beep. beep. activate your 5% cash back at after a massive transformer fire. the blaze broke out lt night the blaze broke out lt night next to a hilton hoten the back bay neighborhood ad sent black smoke billowing o the air. more crews are working to restore power in the back bay of boston. a fire spent smoke into the air. a lot of people left their hotel rooms. more than 20,000 customers are without power. it's a mess. the state park with sweeping views of the pacific ocean has been saved from budget cuts. castle rock state park will get a $250,000 donation. this money should be enough to keep the park open for another
5:54 am
year. governor brown announced 70 park closures. they are hoping to save $22 million. a landmark hotel on san francisco's nob hill is changing hands. a real estate developer and investor from l.a. is buying the fairmont hotel, the please tag $200 million -- the price tag $200 million. the "chronicle" reports the current owners decided to sell after their effort to convert part of it to residences failed. fairmont will continue to operate the hotel. if it doesn't happen soon there won't be a mavericks wave contest this year. the window closes at the end of march. but even if there is no contest, "the examiner" reports there will be a mavericks festival down in half moon bay. it will happen march 31 if the contest happens or if it happens. sports bars around uc- berkeley all over the bay area should be hopping this evening. >> we have a couple of teams dancing this week. cal bears, men's basketball team is in dayton ohio to take on south florida. it is the quote, unquote play-
5:55 am
in game. the winners go on tonight field of 64 in the ncaa tournament and take on temple, maybe michigan after that. hopefully cal can win. tip-off at 6:10 p.m. pacific time. st. mary's the gaels are ready in the coveted field of 64. they are set over to loot moraga campus at 9:00 this morning for a flight from oakland to omaha, where they will face purdue in the opening round game. that game set for friday afternoon at 4:27 pacific time right here on cbs 5. >> you know what you're going to be doing tonight. >> watching a little hoop. there is a special home feature that may make millions of spouses green with envy. >> they have a new model home that has a snore room. they are being offered in a southern california housing development that caters to people who are 55 and older. now, the snore room is designed for couples who start out in the staple bed but then end up apart because of ear-piercing snoring, insomnia or late-night
5:56 am
tv viewing habits. the secondary bedroom is connected to the bathroom of the master bedroom so you have a little buffer zone there. >> pathetic. >> have you ever slept with someone who snores really loudly? >> my dad. my parents room was next to ours. my dad could saw logs like no tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> god rest his soul, dad, but you are a snorer. coming up in the next half hour we have a second strong earthquake that hit japan just hours after a 6.8. >> we'll have the latest on that plus the people have spoken. our exclusive cbs 5 poll on sheriff mirkarimi's future in office. could it sway the mayor's decision? coming up. >> reporter: we have good news for commuters. an on-ramp is back open now after a tree had fallen across it blocking all lanes. we have the latest on the havoc the rain is causing on the roads coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] aggressive new styling.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. crews rush to clean up a tree blocking traffic in oakland. the problems from all this rain and wind this morning. >> and much of the bay area still covered in green on our doppler radar. when will it dry out and when will the next wave come and get us? it's coming. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday. it's march 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. just a little bit before 6 a.m. we want to begin with storm damage in the east bay. >> yeah, right now crews are working fast to clear a huge tree that was blocking part of a freeway on-ramp. and anne makovec is in oakland where the clean-up is still going on. anne, how are ya? >> reporter: well, the good news is that they just finished the clean-up in all the lanes here on the ramp to 580 and it's reopened. check this video from an hour and a half ago, that's when a tree that was about 60 to 70 feet tall fell across the roadway


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